Inkjet Coding with conveyor DC 530

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First, boot / load print file. Open power, the function keys, "load file", choosing to spurt the code file, "sure" (wait 3 seconds) > click on "print" button (at this point the print button is red, said is printing)

Two, edit file. Move to adjust according to write to empty, to edit the "Edit" function keys "to file" (wait 2 seconds), pop-up window, enter the text (CN), English (EN), digital symbol, please click on the text, and then click on the white space - > click "Edit" button, click - > input information (according to en to toggle between symbols, by caps change size), "complete", jet printing font, size, the information in the white space at the middle, "file" - > "save or save as" > input file name (Chinese input), "OK", "file", "exit" edit.

If you need to modify the file in the original file: function keys, edit file, file, open, select the file to change ".

Three, edit pictures. The function keys, edit pictures ", insert U disk) (file name must be for the Arabic numerals) directly from the U disk to import to spurts the code machine," file "," open ", mobile device files, choose File >" OK ". Note: as long as the file name on the U disk can only be imported into the machine on the Arabia number

Four, enable screen saver (such as print for a long time can enable screen saver) "keys", "enable screensavers" > click on any point to cancel the screensaver. (screensaver can be inkjet printer on one charge, much longer)

Five, set key.

1, trigger mode: the trigger button (usually for handheld); built-in electric (commonly used online);

External electric (generally used for non-standard line); later mode (generally used for online timing printing)
2, ink: (divided into left, right, double jet spray)

3, print speed: (print the greater the number of information, the longer the printing press, and vice versa.
5, print delay: delay the greater the number of each information and information between the time interval is longer.
6, print depth: can adjust the depth of the font, the greater the number, the more the word, the more the number of small, the more shallow.
Six, Guan Ji (first "stop printing" and then click on the screen of the "Guan Ji key" and then turn off the power switch).

Note: in print, it is strictly prohibited to replace the ink cartridges, such as long time can not be used to get the ink cartridges.
Treatment of common problems: no spraying words / illegible 1, please check print cartridge ink, ink cartridge is installed; 2, reload the print file; 3, the power is sufficient, in spray charging; 4, to see whether the nozzle surface debris, such as please use paper towel gently wipe clean; 5, the procuratorial parameters is correct.