Granule Filling Machine

Granule Packing machines are employed in their respective packaging in the packaging of granular material and products. Certain examples of granular products may include grains, pulses, lenses, etc. These might also be small pharmaceuticals. Granular products are usually packaged in polyethylene or plastic bags.

Granules filling machines place the correct amount of product in each packet, with the exact same amount dozed in each. The machine is prepared for the packaging of a certain amount of weight. This amount can be easily changed. The technology used in the weighing of products is accurate and results quickly. The packages are not only impressively packed with a product, they are also packaged and sealed. For each packaging, the weight may range from 1 gram to 5000 grams. But 1 gram is insubstantial, and the lower limit of this machine is usually at least 100 grams.

Arjun Packing Machine one of the leading granule packing machine supplier that gives you the machine which is mainly used in packing food products and grain and it is therefore essential that no kind of product contamination or wastage is caused by the machine components. It is effective enough to avoid these two undesirable scenarios. The electronic components of this machine are reliable and of long-term good quality. This prevents the machine from abruptly malfunctioning which could result in a loss of valuable time and resources. This machine is also very convenient to maintain and serve.


  • Rapid modification of the bag specifications.
  • Modular heating, more precise temperature control.
  • Easy and convenient operation
  • The CAM design of the single shaft
  • Cost saving
  • Clean and no wastage
  • Leak-proof sealing
  • Energy efficient
  • High-functioning and improvised productivity

 Arjun Packing Machine for Granule Packing Machine

Arjun Packing Machine provides Granule Filling Machines that are suitable for packing granules such as sugar, rice, peas, and other similar products. PLC control bag length regulation and adjustable volumetric cups for measurement are used in this automatic granule packaging unit. It can be used with heat-sealable compound materials, including single paper/PE, cellophane/PE, aluminium foil/PE, BOPP/PE, Nylon/PE, and so on. Easy to use, energy-saving, and cost-effective.

Arjun Packing Machine is the place to go if you're looking for a single source for all of your company's packaging machinery, such as granule packing machines and material handling equipment. For more than 25 years, we've been providing high-quality packaging equipment for a variety of industries. We have competitive pricing, a large range, and professional customer service.

We guarantee that our administrations are custom-made to your necessities and financial plan, on account of a group of profoundly qualified and experienced experts. Our Granule filling machine can be utilized for both enormous and limited scope creations.

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