Automatic L-Sealer

Product Video :

1.The sealing knife adopts copper alloy sprayed with teflon, it won't stick film, sealing fastness, without smoke, non-pollution. Horizontal and vertical sealing knife adopt whole connecting without gap, the film won't break.

2. The machine has entire automatical system, it equiped with “Panasonic” sensors can reach high speed automatical working.

3. “Omron” programmable logic controller (PLC),

4. “Omron” temperature controller ensure sealing temperature error and “Omron” delay control sealing time accurate

5. International advanced perforating device design ensure stable working

6. “Airtach” air filter to ensure enough air source for machine

7. Large waste film collect device can make machine continuous working in long time

8. Optional device: conveyor connecting function can work with very small product